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Business Savings

Ohnward Bank & Trust savings accounts are designed for any business - of any size

We are always here to help your business. We offer a variety of business savings accounts to fit your specific needs and offer online resources to help you manage them. 

  • Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS)

    Using CDARS, Ohnward Bank & Trust can provide customers — with CDs in excess of the current FDIC limits — access to additional insurance coverage by distributing customer funds among other FDIC-insured banks. All of this can be accomplished through one portfolio at Ohnward Bank & Trust and without sharing confidential information with other banks

  • Certificates of Deposit

    Certificate of Deposit (CD's) are a fixed rate, safe, secure deposit.


    • Flexible maturities from 6 months to 5 years
    • Interest compounded and credited semi-annually
  • Premier Money Market

    Designed exclusively for sole-proprietors, non-profits, and government entities.


    • Tiered interest rate paid on entire balance based on account's collected balance
    • Minimum opening deposit of $2,500.00
    • Interest computed on the daily balance method
  • Daily Savings Account


    • Minimum opening deposit $100.00
    • Deposits can be made in person, by mail or directly deposited
  • Other Deposit Accounts

    Sweep Account

    Sweep Accounts are cash management accounts designed to provide a higher rate of interest on excess funds. Automatic transfers of funds in excess of the target amount are invested on a daily basis. The target balance in checking is not interest bearing.

    Repurchase Agreements & Repo Sweeps

    Ohnward Bank & Trust offers the repurchase agreements as an alternative to certain sweep and investment products. Deposits under this agreement are not FDIC insured but are instead protected or collateralized by providing a security interest in a U.S. Treasury or Agency security owned by the bank.

By phone, email, or in person, our Ohnward Bank & Trust team will go the extra mile in helping you with your financial goals. Please visit or contact our team members listed below. Please do not send sensitive or personally identifiable information via unencrypted email to our team. It is not a secure way to send any information. Thank you.


Janet Scott Ohnward Bank and Trust Baldwin Iowa

Janet Scott


Mary Finzel Ohnward Bank and Trust

Mary Finzel

Central City

Madison Kruger, CSR/Teller OBT Central City

Madison Kruger

Marion + Cedar Rapids

Cindy Corkhill, Ohnward Bank & Trust

Cindy Corkhill

Wes Keene, Ohnward Bank & Trust

Wes Keene


Kiana Secrist Ohnward Bank and Trust Monticello

Kiana Secrist
319-465-2311 x3211

Suzan Ehlers Ohnward Bank and Trust Monticello

Suzan Ehlers
319-465-6173 x3213

Maureen Sweeney Ohnward Bank and Trust Cedar Rapids

Maureen Sweeney
319-465-6173 x3212

Larissa Holub Monticello

Larissa Holub
319-465-6173 x 3225

Charli Pestka, Ohnward Bank & Trust

Charli Pestka